Saturday, 10 December 2016

How To Gain Weight And Get Fat Quickly

Although not as common as weight loss goal, there is a significant number of people who have weight gain as its goal. The reasons are varied as people, but may include the desire to gain weight for a sport, you want to put on a few pounds, after rehabilitation from injury or if you are malnourished and are fighting to move up or your doctor needs to gain weight.

Before leaving on a trip to gain weight, I would be remiss if I did not dare to visit your doctor for a first visit. It may be that you are not underweight. Although I am not a fan of BMI underweight is defined as having a BMI below 18.5. (The media play an important role in how we look at our body, and it may be that you are well on your skin you are) However, there May be a medical reason why struggle to gain weight and your doctor is a good place to start. Is everything all right, everything is clear from your doctor? Then we will look for ways to help you put on a few pounds.

Weight gain generally follow the same formula for weight loss, but in the reverse direction. If calories must be less than calories to lose weight, then it is logical that the adversity that will backfire --- and it does not! That is a universal scientific formula for weight gain is calories must be greater than calories.

It sounds simple, but all you have to do is to increase your daily quota of McBurgers not? Well, not so fast. You want to do what is good and in a healthy way, and slowly. So, without further ado, here are some tips for your bag of tricks.

1. Determine how many calories you now take and how many calories you need based on your daily activities. You can use a good online tool for this. Regardless of the number, which represents the number of calories you need just to maintain the weight you are (I know, I finish my sentence, with the suggestion that I'm crazy like that), now that you know what the number, it is necessary to increase the intake of calories every day, on, let's start with an increase of 500 calories a day. When you gain or lose weight or change your activity level, or changes in health, then your calorie needs change, so always follow what your calorie goal. Food diaries are a great tool, especially early.

2. Try to eat more often? YEAH! If you eat three meals a day, try adding a couple of healthy snacks throughout the day.

3. When you eat regular meals, increase the size of your party. If the sandwich will be # 1 yogurt (I know ... phew!) So you have 2 of yogurt instead. On the evening of the second portion of vegetables. The goal is to try to increase the portion size at each meal

4. Focus on real food. whole grain breads are dense and can cut thick slices and put on your favorite toppings such as peanut butter, honey, hummus ... mmmmm. When picking vegetables choose those with less water. Things like cucumbers have so much water will make you look fuller and have fewer calories, but be careful ... do not ... want to potatoes, carrots, corn, etc. The same is true for fruit. .. Select denser like banana to orange (walnuts are good!)

5th Fat is where it (My mother says it's always been good at rhyming words) fats are so good, because packaged 9 calories per gram, while carbohydrates and protein have only 4 losers. BUT ... choose healthy fats. Nuts, seeds, peanut butter, avacados, hummus, oil ... all good! A good thing is that you can add some of them to what you eat. The egg is cooking? Cooking oil ... wire? The spread some hummus ... Having a salad or cereals? Sprinkle a few nuts or seeds and add a little more oil to the salad. You can add healthy fats every time you sit down to eat. Mix the walnuts in a salad or granola. Cover the potatoes with oil or cheese, or go wild and throw a little pepper on them.

6th sick to eat? Drink calories. There are many healthy meal replacement drinks are good, but why not make your own smoothies? Does milk, fruit, honey ... whatever ... then sprinkle a few seeds. You can also try to replace PA